ZRT Curve project

At long last a post, and for those that already know of this project, an update is long overdue :oops:

This project is based on the original Zaph|Audio Revelator Tower (ZRT), customised to feature curved sides and other structural additions to the enclosure.

I’ve created a thread at AVForums South Africa which will contain most of the project banter, after which I plan on creating a dedicated project page on this site which will serve as a concise guide for anyone interested in building the same but who may not be interested in parsing the entire forum thread.

ZRT Curve concept drawing
ZRT Curve concept drawing

Hello world!

“Hello world!” indeed :)

If you’ve visited this site before you may have noticed a few changes. Firstly all the old blog posts are strangely absent, and everything seems new and crisp. This is because I have taken down the old site for the time being and started with a fresh deployment. I plan to host a couple of sites on Foundry, each catering for a specific interest as opposed to the somewhat jumbled blog that previously resided on this domain. I hope you’ll bear with me while I work to put each item in it’s place ;)